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IELTS online course with results guaranteed: easily achieve IELTS with Chulatutor
It is undeniable that English is as an important skill, not only basic reading and writing as we all learned in the past but also communication skills especially with foreigners. As such, English is very important in broadening our opportunities and enhancing our potentials leading to successful future. IELTS test is thus a great way to success for those who is looking for English language qualification. As we all know that IELTS is a quite challenging test but with well-designed IELTS Online Course, you will be paired with great partner guiding you to pass the test with real understandings and applicable knowledge.

Getting ready with IELTS Online Course at Chulatutor
IELTS is the English proficiency test comprising of 4 skill tests: Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Listening with the band-level assessment to identify level of proficiency in each set of skills.
IELTS test is widely used as English certificate for higher education in bachelor’s, master’s and doctorates as well as job applications for world-class organizations.
There are 2 types of IELTS examination including IELTS Academic and IELTS General Test where Chulatutor assures that our expertise and highly skilled teamwork with teaching techniques will help you achieve IELTS exam without any problem.
Our course comprehensively covers topics in IELTS whether it be IELTS British Council, IELTS IDP, IELTS UKVI, or IELTS Life Skills, we guarantee that our intensive course will enhance your English skills even for those who have no prior experience in IELTS exam. As our IELTS online course will teach you from basics to intensive preparation for the exam using English communication as teaching method. That is, the learning technique provided IELTS online course will help develop listening skill allowing students to gradually adjust their listening proficiency (in the case where students have rarely used English) and better understand the materials. With our expertise and well-designed course at Chulatutor, you are guaranteed to pass IELTS with no worries.

Materials covered in the course include :
IELTS Grammar - Noun, Pronoun, Verb tenses, Modals, Agreements, Comparison, Modifiers 1, Modifiers 2, Conditional, Passive Voice
IELTS Writing Online - Connectors 1, Agree or Disagree essay, Connector 2, Problem and solution essay, Cause and effect essay, Formal words, Descriptive essay, Advantages and disadvantages essay, Bar Chart, Line Graph, Table, Pie Chart, Diagram, Flow Chart
IELTS Reading Online - Matching headings, Matching features, Multiple choices, Note completion, Sentence Completion, Matching information, Summary information, Yes/No/NG, Matching Sentence, Sentence Completion, Table completion, Short-answer questions, True/False/NG, Reading comprehensive test 1, Reading comprehensive test 2
IELTS Listening Online - listening section 1, listening section 2, listening section 3, listening section 4
IELTS Speaking Online - introduction and interview, individual long turn 1, individual long turn 2, two -way discussion
Our online course is well-prepared with comprehensive materials for all types of IELTS exam whether it be IELTS General Test or IELTS Academic.


With expert tutors, taking the IELTS exam is not as hard as you thought.

Whether it be IELTS British Council IELTS IDP, IELTS exam is not as hard as you might think when you are with expert and experienced tutors. Chulatutor is the place where you will be equipped with solid knowledge and clear understandings in all aspects of IELTS both IELTS Academic and IELTS General Test.

For those who are looking for ways to improve all aspects of English skills, preparing for IELTS test is a good way to start. With IELTS online course at Chulatutor, accomplishing the desired level of IELTS could not be any easier as you will be taught by expert tutors with comprehensive course materials via online channel.

There are no worries for those who have no prior experience in IELTS or basic English skills, because our course will provide essential English foundations from the basics to more advanced materials where you can select specific skills that you want to develop. All in all, with our IELTS online course, everyone will easily get through IELTS test with in-depth understandings in English beyond what is taught in the classroom.


IELTS Course at Chulatutor is desighned for both IELTS British Council and IELTS IDP

As there are 2 testing venues for IELTS exam: IELTS British Council and IELTS IDP, some might wonder whether they can take IELTS course at Chulatutor or not. Our answer is definitely yes, because there is no difference between taking the exam at British Council both in terms of examination and difficulty level. Moreover, IELTS online course at Chulatutor is also applicable for all formats of IELTS where your exam result is certified with the same standard anywhere in the world. By studying at Chulatutor, you are guaranteed with comprehensive knowledge and easy-to-understand teaching techniques.


IELTS online course with teaching style that suits you the most.

With comprehensive teaching at Chulatutor, it should now be easier to decide and apply for our IELTS course. There are no worries about passing the exam in parts that you are not good at as you can select topics to emphasize with extra exercises to practice so that you will feel confident and pass the exam without any problem. Our course materials are also comparable to the real exam, which can be used as exercises and lesson review especially in topics that you might have difficulties with.

Teaching styles at Chulatutor are intensive but easy-to-understand with detailed explanation to ensure in-depth understandings in each lesson rather than rough coverage of the exam. As such, all materials taught in the course can be further applied in the future whether it be working, studying, and communicating in real life.

Prep yourself before taking IELTS online course

  • Review your English in writing, listening, reading, and speaking to assess yourself for areas of improvement
  • Be ready to learn new things or refresh your knowledge with expert tutors via online platform, which is convenient and timesaving
  • Be open for new knowledge that you might not have known before but be sure that all materials are well-prepared to best suit the standard for everyone to learn and take the best out of the course

Again, Chulatutor is here to provide you with intensive IELTS online course. Whether it be IELTS British Council or IELTS IDP, our course offers you with guidelines for the test with detailed and easy-to-understand solutions where you can check and suggest for improvements. Chulatutor is the only best partner for you in taking both IELTS British Council and IELTS IDP.


Specialty of IELTS course at Chulatutor

Our distinctive features that make studying at Chulatutor outstanding than other online courses that you might find are

  • Convenience in studing as you can take IELTS online course anytime without fixed class schedule
  • Comprehensive materials and intensive teaching in all parts of IELTS where students can ask or leave any questions instantly
  • Pre-course test to ensure clear and correct understandings in all parts: Writing, Speaking, Reading, and Listening as well as passage readings comparable with the real exams allowing students to practice and finish the exam within the given time
  • Clear and easy-to-understand lesson review with exercises key and audio materials to improve listening skill where students will not only read for the exam but will also be equipped with intensive materials covering all aspects of IELTS such that they can confidently take the exam. Further, students can always review the course materials and revise any lessons that they have difficulties with.

Your Instructor

ครูพี่เอมิ CHULATUTOR
ครูพี่เอมิ CHULATUTOR
  • เกียรตินิยม อักษรศาสตร์ จุฬาฯ
  • MSC HR Management and Organisational Analysis, King's College London, University of London on a full scholarship
  • ประสบการณ์การสอนภาษาอังกฤษเพื่อการสอบ IELTS , TOEIC การศึกษาต่อ และการทำงานมากกว่า 20 ปี
  • ประสบการณ์การทำงานในประเทศออสเตรเลีย และประเทศอังกฤษด้านการศึกษาต่อต่างประเทศ
  • ประสบการณ์การเขียนบทความทั้งภาษาอังกฤษและภาษาไทยมากกว่า 20 ปี

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